Equine Cremations

A dignified farewell for horses, ponies and donkeys

Upon receiving your call, we will put you in touch with our sister crematorium, Whitley Brook Pet & Equine Crematorium, who will provide you with support and advice to ensure a personal and fitting farewell is arranged for your equine friend..

Whether you need your companion to be collected from your stable, paddock, veterinary hospital or home, your peace of mind is assured. Your companion will be gently collected in a specialised equine vehicle by our sister crematorium for their individual or communal cremation service. Whitley Brook can coordinate with your vet and will make sure that your horse, pony or donkey is respectfully collected and returned to you in the casket, urn or keepsake of your choice.

Call 01706 213 810 to discuss your wishes.


Individual Cremation

Your equine companion will be cremated individually in an equine cremator that can accommodate any size of horse in its entirety. A certificate from Whitley Brook confirming the details of your horse’s individual cremation will be provided.

Full Ashes Returned

The ashes of your equine friend will be presented in a hand selected casket. You can request to collect your horse’s ashes directly from Whitley Brook or Rossendale, or you may prefer to have the ashes returned to your home, veterinary practice or interred at Rossendale’s peaceful gardens (for an additional cost).

No Ashes Returned - If you are seeking the reassurance of simply knowing your companion has been individually cremated then this option might suit you. You may like to consider a sentimental keepsake to remember your equine friend by.

Full Ashes Divided - You may wish to receive the ashes back in two or more caskets to share with co-partners and riders. Or you may opt for some of the ashes to be placed into a smaller container for scattering or a casket to keep.


Communal Cremation

Your equine friend will be cremated with dignity and their ashes will then be scattered in a designated memorial garden. You may wish to request a certificate of communal cremation or a sentimental keepsake.



With our burial service your equine friend will be laid to rest in a plot lined with hay, where you can place a headstone in lasting honour. Click here for more information about our burial service.

Call 01706 213 810 to discuss your wishes.

Equine Casket


 Sentimental Keepsake

Sentimental Keepsake

Ask about receiving your companion’s plaited forelock, mane or tail and shoes back presented in a Chester Keepsake Chest.

 Equine Cremation