Pet, Horse and Human Burial

Choosing the final resting place for your precious companion can be difficult. At Rossendale, you can trust us to carry out a sensitive burial service for your pet and support you from the very first phone call. We can provide your companion with a dignified collection service from your home or veterinary practice according to your wishes.

Attending Service – your pet will be gently prepared and laid in our Chapel of Rest, placed in a silk-lined coffin with their own engraved name-plate, for family and friends to say their final goodbyes. You are welcome to place special items in their coffin before the burial such as blankets, photographs or written letters alongside your pet.

Pet Burials – A single burial plot is arranged in our pet cemetery, where your treasured friend will be gently laid to rest. You may wish to reserve a neighbouring plot for other pets within your family.

Horse BurialsYour equine friend will be gently laid to rest in our Pet Cemetery. Their plot will be lined with hay and you may choose to place a headstone of your choice in lasting honour.

Human Burials – Should you wish to make the deeply personal decision to be buried close to your life-long friends in our beautiful cemetery, we are able to work with your funeral director to make these arrangements and ensure your final wishes are carried out.

Interment at Rossendale - Single plots are available to inter your beloved pet's ashes. Alternatively, you may wish to keep your beloved pets together in our cemetery and consider a family plot. You will be able to inter the ashes of up to 20 beloved family members (including pet and human companions) together in the same plot.

Choosing your memorial

We have a range of unique grave markers on our website that can be placed on the burial plot. Click here to visit our online shop.

Alternatively, a trusted local stonemason we have worked with for many years is able to craft a beautiful and long-lasting headstone to mark your pet’s resting place.

Memorial Gardens